Are you just starting out, and have little to no experience?

Our CF Fitness program is designed for those who've decided to make a lifestyle change, and get involved with a legitimate, evidence-based, strength & conditioning program. Ultimately, their goals have more to do with improving general health & fitness than anything else. In this case, there are certain things done in our more advanced 'Performance' program that just aren't a necessary element to the primary goals of most who have a beginner to intermediate level of experience with CrossFit. 


Have you done CrossFit, or have weightlifting experience?

Our CrossFit Performance, Powerbuilding, or Olympic Weightlifting programs may be of interest if you have an intermediate to advanced level of experience with the iron sports! Most with advanced CrossFit experience use our Performance program as their base. Here, we utilize a significant amount Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, and energy system training as a way to stay prepared for local competition, or just to provide a fun training program for those who have significant CrossFit experience.

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