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What is Fitness?

Fitness, or being fit is much more than just a hard workout. As a team of coaches, we work closely with our community to provide an example of the fundamentals for a healthy lifestyle. We want our members to understand that this a process, a sustainable & progressive program. The outcome is a bi-product of a consistent process, but not the primary focus. Developing a passion for that process is crucial to each member's adherence to the program, their progress, and the outcome.

Many often think they need to get “in shape” before they start this type of training. We consider a baseline level of fitness as the ability to complete 25 proficient goblet squats using 50% of your body weight. This DOES NOT mean that you can't train until you pass this test! It simply means that your training will be what's appropriate for your current physical ability, and experience. This is NOT just a test of leg strength. It also tests muscular endurance and stamina, as well as a person’s ability to maintain proper bracing of the torso under load and during force production, proper breathing patterns, basic and necessary mobility, core & upper back strength. We believe that first developing the qualities and skills associated with the simplicity of the goblet squat will have a much higher carryover to everything else clients may see within a strength & conditioning program. Therefore, training to pass this ‘test’ will be what gets our new clients “into shape.” This is one of the goals of our Fitness program. 

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