Step OneContact us to schedule a consultation, 

or FREE introductory class.

Step Two; Schedule an assessment. ALL new members 

MUST go through three to four introductory, personal 

training sessions with a coach. These can be done one-on-

one, or in small groups (which would reduce the individual

cost). These mandatory sessions are to ensure that each client

is physically prepared, and understands the process, and 

direction of the program as it pertains to their fitness goals.

In addition, as a team of coaches, we need to understand what

each new member's abilities, experience, and limitations are in

order to provide the best possible  coaching and atmosphere

for each member to progress. These introductory PT sessions

are part of our new member startup package, which also

includes one month of unlimited classes for $250.

Step Three; During the assessment, the coach will help 

each new member set some preliminary training goals. Based on the assessed experience, we'll help each new member determine the best programming option for them. From there, it just comes down to showing up to class, and being consistent!

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