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What is GRIND?

Step away from the barbell!

The idea for our new program 'GRIND' came about as we began to offer a boot camp style class on Sundays, separate from our Fitness & Performance programs. As one of our most popular classes, we've promoted the idea of getting away from the barbell, and the generally more complicated movements typically associated with them. 

GRIND is an expansion of that original, boot camp style program that we are now offering seven days a week! We wanted to create a purposeful program that:

                        -Is easily approachable & attainable especially for beginners 

                        -Eliminates the learning curve & intimidation of (more complicated) barbell work

                        -Provides a wider range of simpler, intra-session exercise variety 

                        -Includes longer duration workouts with more of a focus on cardio (endurance & stamina) and burning calories

While the words; 'beginner' and 'simpler' were used above, don't be fooled if you're a more experienced athlete on the other hand! This type of program would give you the opportunity to focus more on endurance  & stamina than strength, take a break from heavy barbell work and train a different aspect of fitness while still maintaining the strength you've built. 

Want to try a class, or learn more?

25 Riverbank Rd

Attleboro, MA 02703

Tel: 508-226-2900

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