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Performance (Fitness)

The Performance program is designed for an intermediate to advanced level of ability & experience. The design of this program is to prepare for the demands of functional fitness competition. Or, for those that have more experience with the Olympic lifts, and want to train with more of a focus on the higher complexity movements associated with competitive fitness.

At it's core, the Performance program is built on a foundation of strength, and an intermediate to advanced level of experience with basic weightlifting technique for the snatch, clean & jerk, squat and deadlift. In addition, experience and ability to perform basic gymnastics movements such as pullups, muscle ups, handstand pushups, and pistols to name a few. The conditioning associated with this program is also more advanced, using energy system training, and mixed-modal conditioning, often with some of the more complex weightlifting or gymnastics movements included.

In order to follow this programming in class, members MUST complete the prerequisite fitness standards of the Fitness program before they can begin to follow the more advanced weightlifting, and strength work programmed with the Performance, Powerbuilding, & Weightlifting programs. This ensures that every member is physically capable, and prepared to safely handle the demands of more advanced training.

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