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Sports Nutrition

     With a BS in Culinary Nutrition, years of professional experience with food, and as a member with certification through the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) Bryce works individually with clients on sports nutrition. There is an equivalent (if not excessive) amount of readily available information on sports nutrition, and nutrition in general, that is either wrong, contradictory, biased, or misinterpreted. This makes it very hard for people to understand what's "healthy" and what's not. 

     Our focus with nutrition is to work with individuals on what's *practical for them that will lead to improved health, fitness, and performance. We don't promote 'dieting' or "fad diets" because they often are accompanied by what promoters consider to be *optimal. Failure to hit 'optimal' often increases stress, and limits adherence, and consistency, often snowballing into frustration causing people to give up.

     We work with clients to develop an understanding of food & context, rather than viewing foods & food groups as 'good' or 'bad'. Our goal is to create a practical nutrition program that works with the lifestyle, goals, and food preferences of each individual, rather than try to change an individual to fit to a particular (often restrictive) diet. 

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