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Our specialty programs run alongside our Fitness program, and can be followed at any of the scheduled Group Fitness classes or open gyms. They are meant to be supplementary, or stand-alone programs for those with more specific goals. These programs are for those with an intermediate to advanced level of experience, and many times are to be completed without direct coaching. However, that doesn't mean you are NOT coached. You have the ability to email Bryce with videos/ problem areas, and maintain more of a remote coaching relationship if he is not present. 

(Olympic) Weightlifting

Weightlifting is one of our specialty programs. It can be used as a three, four, or five day program for those who want to train specifically with the elements of weightlifting, with a goal of improving the snatch, and clean & jerk.



Powerbuilding is our other specialty program and is a base, intensive three day per week program focused on strength & hypertrophy development. The overall priority with this program is to improve body composition (more muscle, less fat). At the same time, improve ability within the squat, bench press, and deadlift. 

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