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Hybrid Powerbuilding- Week 7

Day 1:

A: Power Snatch- 5x2 -building

B: Press- 4x3 *use as close to your heavy 5 as possible

C: Stiff Legged Deadlift- 3x6-8 -Aim to use as close to your 10RM as possible here.

D: DB Lateral Raise 4x10-12

Day 2:

A: Incline Bench Press- Build to a heavy 8, then 3x6 with the same load

B: Pendlay Row 3x8-10- reference last week and increase EITHER load, or volume

C. Box Squat 5x5 w/95+% of 6RM

D: DB Fly 3x12-15

Day 3:

A: Power Clean + Jerk 2(1+1) x5- building, reference last week’s working sets

B: Dips 3x8 -use a band for assistance if needed

C: Snatch Grip Deadlift- 4x5 -use 95+% of your 5RM Floating Deadlift from last week.

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