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"I Can't Do That..."

Another common barrier we observe on the subject of CrossFit with those outside of our gym community, is the belief that because they know they can’t do a muscle up, or handstand, that CrossFit isn’t even worth trying. However, many of the ‘flashy’ movements that are associated with CrossFit really aren’t staples, or prerequisites of fitness, or the process of improving fitness. In fact, many, if not most people in any CrossFit gym don’t, or can’t do those movements either, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t train with CrossFit. This is the same idea as refusing to swim because you’re not as good as Michael Phelps. Or, refusing to drive because you can’t drive like Dale Earnhardt.

What people see online is not often a great representation of what CrossFit really is in most gyms. At its core, CrossFit is really about improving health & fitness. It’s not about competition. It’s not whether or not you can do the flashy stuff. 90% of the people in the community can’t do that stuff anyway, and they may never be able to. That’s okay! They don’t need to. Each and every one of those ‘flashy’ movements has a simpler (and often better) variation which in terms of general fitness, would be an ideal, even optimal substitute, or modification for most people.

For those that want to get in shape, improve health, fitness and body composition, there are a few parameters to consider which produce far better, and quicker results than just about any other method.

-Eat enough (but not too much) for what you as an individual, need to support lifestyle AND exercise. This includes getting adequate protein, and fiber through minimally processed foods.

-Resistance Training + cardio. It’s NOT one or the other for overall health, but a combination of the two. The primary focus should be on improving ability with the bigger, compound movements such as the squat, deadlift, pressing and pulling. CrossFit (if programmed properly) tends to be one of the best for even general health & fitness because it includes BOTH resistance training and cardio.

-Sleep. Most don’t prioritize quality sleep. They’ll fall asleep watching tv, or staying up later than they really should because of tv. Shoot for about 7 hours of quality sleep per night. Shut off the tv, put your phone down. Start prioritizing sleep, and this will literally change your life!

As coaches, our primary objective with our members is to provide a sustainable process to insure that they are able to continually improve in a way that’s measurable. The three parameters described above is something that everyone can do, at some level. It doesn’t matter where you start, there will be progression. We are not training you to be the next CrossFit Games champion, we are training you to improve you! Our process revolves around the parameters listed above, something that anyone can do with a little effort.

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