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Is the CrossFit Games Open For You?

Around this time every year, the CrossFit Games Open starts! Over the course of five weeks from the end of February thru March, a weekly workout is released. Individuals have a week to complete it, and enter their scores into the CrossFit Games website. Their database allows individuals to see how they stack up against others in their state, region, age group, world, etc. Each workout released has options for all of Scaled, Master's, Teen's and RX divisions.

Some have expressed concern as to whether or not they are ready, or able to sign up to "compete" in 'the Open'. Some of us CrossFit 'veterans' have been doing this for close to 10 years, and all of us would agree that some of the CF Open workouts may not have been something we would have programmed, or thought of for this particular world wide, online competition. On the other hand, there's people out there that would think nothing of signing up for a 10K, or half marathon, or Spartan Race, yet feel they aren't ready for the Open- in which most of the workouts released are well under 20 minutes long.

When I did my first CrossFit Open- I believe the first workout I ever had to do was an AMRAP of 15x 75lb power snatches (I felt good about that part because to me, they were light, and in my 'wheelhouse'), and 30 double-unders. At that point, I could barely do double-unders. I maybe could string five together on a good day- NOT fatigued! I maybe got only two, or three rounds on that workout, while others who were proficient in both movements were getting 7-10. So, what did I do? I forced myself to learn double-unders. It took two weeks of daily practice to get them to a point where I could do *some* under fatigue. I wasn't 'good' at them, but I could do them. I still dreaded them if they'd show up in a workout, but for me, that was a new standard, I could never go back, never scale them just for a "better time". Next was the kipping pullup. I was good at them, loved them! But then, all of a sudden, this butterfly pullup showed up. People were butterflying pullups twice as fast as I could kip them! So, back to the drawing board...

This is how you'll improve. If you look at the Open, not as a competition you're trying to win, but an opportunity to test yourself, find out where you need to put a little more work, or get a little more practice with the skills of CrossFit. I wouldn't usually recommend comparing yourself to others because many times that can be frustrating if looked at the wrong way. However, what others are doing just goes to prove what is possible, and that is what we can use to help create some meaningful training/ fitness goals.

As a community, we will complete the Open workouts on Friday evenings. Over the past couple years, we've made it a weekly, community event, that's fun! Most of us do the workout, then we'll stick around and socialize, or head over to the brewery, and order some food! Of course, if you can't make it Friday evening, you can do the workout at an open gym time as long as you can find a judge. Go into this year's CF Open with an open mind! If you're training with ANY of our programs right now, you WILL be able to do the Open workouts! No, you'll not do well with EVERY workout. Use that as an opportunity to set some new goals, improve.

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