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Member of the Month- Janet Lerch!

When did you join Fulcrum and why did you choose to do CrossFit?  I joined Fulcrum in August of 2015. I actually met with Bryce a year earlier but I wasn't sure CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting was for me so I didn't join right away. I got really tired of going to a traditional gym and not seeing results so a year later I tried the CrossFit intro class at Fulcrum and I have never looked back.  What is the biggest change you've seen in yourself since you started CrossFit?  I actually see results!  I can do things now that I never thought I could do like hand stand push-ups and squats far above my body weight. I look forward to working out and challenging myself rather than dreading it.  It also helps to have our incredible supportive community there to help motivate each other.  What are some of your goals in regard to CrossFit or your general health?  My goals are to keep challenging myself and trying new things like the Power-building program. I'm not always looking to lift the heaviest weight but I'm always trying to push myself outside of my comfort zone and it's pretty awesome to do things you never thought you could do! Any advice for someone who just started or is thinking about starting CrossFit? I encourage anyone looking for a change and wanting to see results to try CrossFit.   All the exercises can be modified and our coaches are really helpful in working with each person on what modification is best for them.  There may be an adjustment period since you're doing things you probably never have done before but stick with it and you will have no regrets! Any other comments about your experience at Fulcrum?  Joining Fulcrum was literally the best decision I've ever made.  I'm part of an incredible community of people and I continue to see results I never would have had by going to a traditional gym.  I love the variety Fulcrum offers whether it's a social event or a competition, it's always fun...I'm definitely a Fulcrum lifer! 

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