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Member of the Month- Pat Lyons

Congratulations, Pat! Pat has been consistently training with us (4-5X per week) for the past two years, and it's rare if he misses a training day. As a health professional, he practices what he preaches, and here's what he had to say;

When did you join Fulcrum and why did you choose to do CrossFit?

I joined Fulcrum just over 2 years ago. A friend of mine was a member at the time and he convinced me to give it a try.  I’ve been addicted ever since.

What is the biggest change you've seen in yourself since you started CrossFit?

I would say being able to stay consistent with a workout routine.  With different workouts every day it keeps things interesting and the programming forces me to work on areas of weakness.  The consistency has allowed me to feel stronger than ever before.

What are some of your goals in regard to CrossFit or your general health?

Just keep showing up!

Consistent cardiovascular exercise is one of the most important things all of us can do to maintain our health.

It would be nice to get a little better at pull-ups too!

Any advice for someone who just started or is thinking about starting CrossFit?

Just give it a chance.  There is always scaling options and the coaches are great about finding the right fit for everyone no matter what the ability level.

Any other comments about your experience at Fulcrum?

I would just like to say thanks to Bryce, Sarah, all the coaches and all the other members who make Fulcrum a great place to come workout everyday.

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