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Powerbuilding & Weightlifting Week 1


*The goal with this program is hitting an effective number of weekly working sets per movement classification. Adding in specific accessory work will positively contribute to the overall effect/ results, but nutrition needs to at least be in the ballpark as far as total, daily caloric and protein intake for desired, and improved results.

**Movement classifications;

Upper Body Push

Upper Body Pull

Leg/ Squat


***For the each exercise (unless indicated) choose loads that are challenging but allow proficient movement. If it's a loaded movement, you should include AT LEAST three to four warm up sets of increasing intensity toward your working sets that's following a more general dynamic warm up/ stretch. For example, if you are going to front squat 225lbs for 4 sets of 6-8 reps on day 2, your warm up may look like:

5 minutes easy aerobic work


Glute & Core activation

Spiderman Stretch

Knee + Ankle Stretch

Counterbalance/ Goblet Squat


Front Squat:

135lbs x8-10

185lbs x4-6

205lbs x2-4

225lbs x6-8 for your first working set

Day 1

Vertical Press/ Pull Variation

Unilateral Leg

A. BTN Snatch Grip Push Press 4x5

B. Weighted Chins 5x5@30X1

C. Russian Step Ups 4x8 (per leg)

Day 2

Horizontal Press/ Pull Variation


A. Bench Press 4x8-10

B. Bent Over Row 4x8-10 *Bar should NOT return to the floor b/t reps here.

C. Front Squat 4x6-8

Day 3

Vertical Press/ Pull Variation


A. Press 3x8-10

B. Back Squat 2x10

C. RDL 4x6-8

D. Pullups 3x8-10 (use assistance if necessary)


Day 1

A. Muscle Snatch + OHS (4+2)3 -building.

B. BTN Snatch Grip Push Press 3x5

C. Front Squat 5x5

Day 2

A. Muscle Clean + Press (2+3)4

B. 3-position (1in., Knee, upper mid-thigh) Snatch Deadlift- 80% of snatch x3x4

C. Pendlay Row 4x8-10

Day 3

A. Hang Snatch (hip) -build to a heavy set of 4

B. Hang Clean (hip) + Power Jerk- build to a heavy (2+2)

C. Back Squat 2x10@70%

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