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Powerbuilding & Weightlifting Week 11


Day 1

A. Incline Bench Press 5x5 -HEAVY across all 5 sets

B. RDL 4x3-4 increase load from last week by 5-15lbs.

C. Meadows Rows 3x8-10/ side -try to increase loading from last week.

Day 2

A. Back Squat- 2,2,2 Heavy- Use last week’s set of 2 for all 3 sets, resting 3-4 minutes b/t sets.

B. Push Press Cluster 2.2.2 -rest 2-3 minutes x3 sets, use as close to your 3RM as possible

C. Barbell Upright Row 3x12-14

Day 3

A. Bench Press 3x3 -based on feel, go as heavy as possible for all 3 sets

B. Strict Pullups, or Inverted Rows 6x6

C. Reverse Lunge 3x16 -use DB’s held like a Farmers Carry, try to increase weight from last week


Day 1

A. Snatch- Build to a heavy set of 3, if feeling good; 3RM

B. No Feet Clean + Jerk- Build to a 1RM

Day 2

A. Power Snatch- Build to 80% of your best single

B. Power Clean- Build to 80% of your best single

C. Back Squat- 2,2,2 Heavy- Reference last week, use your heavy 2 for all 3 sets resting 3-4 minutes b/t sets.

Day 3

A. Snatch- Build to 80% of your best set of 2 with doubles

B. Clean + Jerk- Heavy (2+1) or (1+2) Build to 80%

*The clean & jerk complex should be done based on weakness in one of the two movements. If the jerk needs more focus, then the complex that is one clean followed by two jerks should be priority. If the other way around, prioritize the clean.

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