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Powerbuilding & Weightlifting- Week 2


*We are still in a phase of finding training loads for many of the programmed exercises.

Day 1

A. Incline Bench Press 3x8-10

B. Single Arm DB Row (heavy) 4x8-10/ arm

C. Walking Lunge 4x20 Steps *These can be done with DB's or KB's held at the goblet position/ front rack position, or at the sides. Use a load that allows for 20 proficient, unbroken reps.

Day 2

A. Z-Press 5x6

B. Weighted Chins 5x5@30X1

C. Front Squat 4x6-8 *Unless you completed all four sets of 8 reps last week at a given weight, DO NOT increase intensity. Aim for 8 reps/ set.

Day 3

A. Clean Pull 5x5

B. Floor Press 4x6-8 *these should be heavier than last weeks bench press

C. Pendlay Row 4x6-8 *you should be able to go a bit heavier than the bent over rows from last week.


*Unless indicated, aim to increase working sets on all exercises by 5-10lbs where applicable. If unable, add another working set.

Day 1

A. Muscle Snatch + OHS (4+2)3 -do all working sets at your heaviest load from last week.

B. BTN Snatch Grip Push Press 3x5

C. Front Squat 5x5

Day 2

A. Muscle Clean + Press (2+3)4

B. 3-position (1in., Knee, upper mid-thigh) Snatch Deadlift- 83% of snatch x3x4

C. Pendlay Row 4x8-10

Day 3

A. Hang Snatch (hip) -build to a heavy set of 4

B. Hang Clean (hip) + Power Jerk- build to a heavy (2+2)

C. Back Squat 2x10@73%

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