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Powerbuilding & Weightlifting- Week 2


Unless specified otherwise, use your results from last week on each exercise, and aim to increase EITHER weight, or volume.

Day 1:

A: Muscle Snatch 6x3 -building

B: Stiff Legged Deadlift 4x8-10

C: Bench Press 4x5@90% of 5RM based on feel

D: DB Lateral Raise 3x15

Day 2:

A: Push Press- 6x3 -building

B: Meadow’s Row 4x12-15/ arm

C. Box Squat 6x6 -use between 60-70% of your best squat here, based on feel.

D: DB Fly 3x15

Day 3:

A: Hang Power Clean + Jerk (2+2) x6 -building

B: Dips 4x12-15 -use a band for assistance if needed

C: Snatch Grip Floating Deadlift 6x6

D: Lying Hamstring Curl 4x15-20


Day 1:

A: Snatch High Pull + Snatch (3+1) x5 -use 62-67% of your best snatch for your working sets

B: Muscle Clean + Press (3+6) x4 -pressing strength is going to be the limiting factor here. Warm up to something that you can move well, leaving 2 reps in reserve.

C: Reverse Front Racked Barbell Lunge 32.5%(of squat)x20x3

Day 2

A: Deficit Snatch Deadlift + Floating Snatch 67-72%(1+1) x6

B: 3-position pausing clean pull to clean (1in., knee, mid-thigh) + Pause Jerk (1+1) x5 -due to the challenge of maintaining correct positioning. Loading here will be more so by feel than a percentage. Try to be in the range of 60-70%.

Day 3

No hook, no feet Snatch- heavy single

No hook, no feet C&J- heavy single

Back Squat 68%x8-10x3

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