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Powerbuilding & Weightlifting Week 3


Day 1

*Where and when possible, add in accessory work based on your individual weaknesses.

A. Farmer’s Carry- 80ft. X 6 sets --Load this as heavy as possible. Rest 2-3 Minutes between sets.

B. Based on the program and which days you’ll be in to train, choose two opposing upper body accessory exercises (push/pull) and one core accessory exercise from the strength accessory document link.

Day 2

A. Back Squat- Build to a heavy set of 10, then 90%x10x2

B. Press 6x6- Build to the heaviest load you can move for six, good quality reps and complete all six sets at that weight. Try to increase working set weight from week 1.

C. DB Rear Delt Raise 4x10

Day 3

A. Deadlift- Build to a heavy 8, then 90%x8x2

B. Bench Press 4x10 *use around 78% of your tested 3RM from the previous cycle

C. EZ Grip Bar Skull Crushers 3x10


Day 1

A. Tall Snatch 5x2- Build to the most challenging weight you can move proficiently. Complete ALL 5 sets at this weight. Try to increase weight from last week by 5-10lbs.

B. Tall Clean + Power Jerk (2+2) x5

C. Pause Front Squat 4x4 -Increase load from last week

Day 2

A. Hang Power Snatch 4x3

B. Hang Power Clean 4x3

C. Back Squat- Build to a Heavy 10, 90%x10x2

Day 3

A. Snatch- Heavy 4

B. Clean + Jerk- Heavy (3+2)

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