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Powerbuilding & Weightlifting Week 4


Day 1

*Do NOT do any accessory work this week. Use this week to get some measurable numbers and de-load the volume and intensity.

A. Incline Bench Press- 10RM

B. Farmer’s Carry- 80ft. X 3 sets --Load this as heavy as possible. Rest 2-3 Minutes between sets.

Day 2

A. Push Press- 5RM

B. Back Squat- 10RM

Day 3

A. Deadlift- Build to a heavy 8

B. Bench Press- Heavy 8

C. EZ Grip Bar Skull Crushers 3x10


Day 1

A. Tall Snatch- Build to a heavy set

B. Tall Clean + Power Jerk- Build to a heavy set

C. Pause Front Squat- Heavy 2

Day 2

A. Hang Power Snatch- Heavy 2

B. Hang Power Clean- Heavy 2

C. Back Squat- 10RM

Day 3

A. Snatch- Heavy 4

B. Clean + Jerk- Heavy (3+2)

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