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Powerbuilding & Weightlifting Week 6


Day 1

A. Incline Bench Press 3x8-10- use a load as close to your 10RM as possible

B. DB (Flat) Bench Press 3x10-12

D. Front Foot Elevated Split Squat 3x8-10/ Leg

Day 2

A. Z-Press 4x4- should be a bit heavier than last week

B. Hip Thrust 5x6-8 *add weight from last week

C. Front Squat + Back Squat 78%(2+4)x4 *Intensity based off Front Squat

Day 3

A. DB Floor Press 4x10-12

B. Bent Over Barbell Row 3x8-10

C.. RDL 4x6-8


Day 1

A. Block Power Snatch 3x2 -Try to increase load on working sets from last week

B. Block Clean + Jerk 93-98% of your heavy set (from week 4) x(1+1) x4

C. Snatch Grip RDL 4x4- Try to increase loading from last week

Day 2

A. Snatch Pull + Snatch -Build to a heavy, proficient set, not a max. Reference last week

B. Clean Pull + Clean + Jerk -Build to a heavy set, based on feel

C. Front Squat + Back Squat 78%(2+4)x3 *Intensity based off Front Squat

Day 3

A. Hang Snatch- Heavy 3

B. Hang Clean + Jerk- Heavy (2+2)

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