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Powerbuilding & Weightlifting Week 8


Day 1

A. Bench Press 10RM

B. Single Arm DB Row (heavy) 6x8-10/ arm *Try to go heavier than week 6

C. Walking Lunge 2x20 Steps *Try to go a bit heavier than week 6

Day 2

A. Press 5x6-8- use as close to your 10RM loading as possible

B. Weighted Chins 5RM

C. Front Squat 5RM

Day 3

A. Deadlift- Heavy 5 *reference week 4

B. Weighted Pushups 5x8-10

C. Pendlay Row 4x5 *Try to go heavier than week 6


Day 1

A. Hang Snatch (Hip) 2RM

B. Clean Pull 110% of clean x2x2

C. Front Squat- Heavy 4

Day 2

A. Hang Clean (Hip) + Jerk (1+2) -Build to a heavy set

B. 3-position (1in., Knee, upper mid-thigh) Snatch Deadlift- 110% of snatch x2x2

C. Pendlay Row 4x5

Day 3

A. Pause Snatch + Snatch - Heavy Single

B. Pause Clean + Clean + Jerk- Build to a heavy set

C. Back Squat Heavy 8

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