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Week 7

Monday 12/10/18 Week 7 CF Fitness A1; Press + Push Press (2+4), Rest 20 sec A2; Single Arm DB Row x8-10 Rest 2 Min x4 Sets B. E2MOMx 14 Minutes 3 Deadlifts -moderate to heavy 4 DB Push Presses -heavy 10/7 Calorie Row

Performance A. Press + Push Press (1+4) x4 -Aim to go heavier than last week. B. E2MOM... 2 Deadlifts 300/ 210lbs 4 Strict HSPU’s 8/6 Calorie Bike *This workout is capped at 20 Minutes, and allows for 10 sets, if able. If you notice you’re unable to maintain a consistent power output due to fatigue, DO NOT CONTINUE! Just log how many sets you were able to maintain.

Tuesday 12/11/18 CF Fitness A. Snatch Grip DL + Hang Snatch (2+2) OTM x15 Minutes *Only add weight with proficient movement B. 10 Minute AMRAP: 10 Mixed DU’s or 40 Jump Rope 15 Situps 7 NPU Burpee Box Jumps

Performance A. Pause Snatch + Snatch OTM x15 Minutes (5x70%, 5x75%, 5x80%) B. 10 Minute AMRAP: 20 DU’s 15 T2B 10 NPU Burpee Box Jumps 24/20in.

Wednesday 12/12/18 CF Fitness A. Goblet Squat 6x10-12 *Go as heavy as you can on these that still allows for proficient movement. If possible, increase the load from last week on AT LEAST two of the working sets. B. 3 Sets; In 3 Minutes: Bike 20/15 Calories AMRAP Wall Balls in remaining time Rest 3 Minutes

Performance A. Back Squat 80%x5x4 B. 3 Sets; In 3 Minutes: Row 500/ 375M AMRAP Wall Balls in remaining time 20/14lbs. Rest 3 Minutes

Thursday 12/13/18 CF Fitness E6MOM x 30 Minutes (5 Sets) 5 Strict Pullups or Ring Rows + 6-8 Ring Dips, Dips, or Pushups 10 DB Snatches 20 Jump Lunges or Reverse Lunges 10 DB Snatches 8 Devils Presses

Performance E6MOM x 30 Minutes (5 Sets) 4X(1 MU + 2 Ring dips) 10 DB Snatches 60/40lbs. 20 Jump Lunges 10 DB Snatches 3 Rope Climbs *Focus on movement quality, and track row intervals with a goal of keeping splits within a 5 second window.

Friday 12/14/18 CF Fitness A. Hang Clean + Push Press +Jerk (2+1+1) OTM x15 Minutes *Build on weight ONLY with proficient movement. The load will stay relatively light due to the volume. Use last week’s results as a guide. B. 12 Minute AMRAP: 5 DB Deadlifts, ONLY one end of each db needs to make contact with the floor 4 DB hang power Cleans 3 DB Shoulder to OH *Use the same weight throughout for ALL movements.

Performance A. Pause Clean + Jerk (Pause in dip) OTM x15 Minutes (5x70%, 5x75%, 5x80%) B. 3 Rounds for LOAD, in 12 Minutes: 5 Deadlifts 4 Hang Cleans 3 Jerks *As soon as you begin your first deadlift on any given set, your hands cannot come off the bar until you complete your last jerk. Rest as needed between sets.

Saturday 12/15/18 CF Fitness With a partner and only 1 person working at a time… For Time; 75 Air Squats 150 KB Swings -moderate to heavy 150 (HR) Pushups or Incline Pushups 75 Air Squats

Performance With a partner and only 1 person working at a time… For Time; 100 Air Squats 200 KB Swings 70/53lbs. 200 (HR) Pushups 100 Air Squats

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