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Weightlifting & Powerbuilding- Week 1

Hybrid Powerbuilding

The base program is outlined below. Use the link above to add in accessory work of choice based on where you need, or would like more work. Progress the accessory work using the same few exercises chosen for at least the first 4-week block.

Day 1:

A: Muscle Snatch 6x3 -building

B: Stiff Legged Deadlift 4x8-10

C: Press 3x5@80-85% of 5RM based on feel

D: DB Lateral Raise 2x15

Day 2:

A: Incline Bench Press- Heavy 10, then; 3x6-8@(heavy 10)

B: Meadow’s Row 4x12-15/ arm

C. Box Squat 6x6 -use between 60-70% of your best squat here, based on feel.

D: DB Fly 2x15

Day 3:

A: Hang Power Clean + Jerk (2+2) x6 -building

B: Dips 4x12-15 -use a band for assistance if needed

C: Snatch Grip Floating Deadlift 85-90%(of snatch)x6x6

D: Lying Hamstring Curl 3x15-20


A: Snatch High Pull + Snatch (3+1) x5 -use 60-65% of your best snatch for your working sets

B: Muscle Clean + Press (3+6) x4 -pressing strength is going to be the limiting factor here. Warm up to something that you can move well, leaving 2 reps in reserve.

C: Reverse Front Racked Barbell Lunge 30%(of squat)x20x3

Day 2

A: Deficit Snatch Deadlift + Floating Snatch 65-70%(1+1) x6

B: 3-position pausing clean pull to clean (1in., knee, mid-thigh) + Pause Jerk (1+1) x5 -due to the challenge of maintaining correct positioning. Loading here will be more so by feel than a percentage. Try to be in the range of 60-70%.

Day 3

A: No hook, no feet Snatch- heavy single

B: No hook, no feet C&J- heavy single

C: Back Squat 65%x10x3

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